An historical cocktail bar turned through the years into a real milanese institution, Bar Basso is mostly renown for its signature cocktail Negroni Sbagliato, invented here and presented in huge scenographic glasses with 6x8cm ice cubes inside.


A true cult bar for sophisticated drinking devotees, Bar Basso was the first-ever milanese joint to introduce the “aperitif” to everyday people, while before cocktails could only be found at the exclusive lounge bars of luxurious international grand hotels.

Since the early 2000s, every year during the milanese Salone del Mobile weeks, la crème de la crème of international designers and design journalists and students gathers here at Bar Basso’s warm and friendly megaparties.

For 80 years on top of success, Bar Basso was and remains a not-to-be-missed meeting place in Milan: still an icon and a favorite among avant-garde groups today, and not just thanks to the well-deserved label of “true temple of aperitif”. Bar Basso conquered generations of Italian and foreign habitués always keeping an eye on the needs and desires of its attendants, and each time responding in a surprisingly skillful way to the most radical changes in habits and folkways as well as to the new trends and settings.

Always faithful to its American cocktail bar vocation without ever compromising (like when happy hour buffets overtook the scene), Bar Basso chose to bet on and stick with quality drinking, valuable distillates and exclusive products such as the sparkles of Italian spumante par excellence, the Ferrari Perlé. Since 1967, when the Stocchetto family became the new owners, until nowadays, the Bar Basso has always been a favorite meeting place for designers, journalists, artists and writers, though welcoming a very mixed up crew, willingly reflecting in its double-sided nature – both retro and elegant, folksy and convivial – the eclectic, inventive and cosmopolitan spirit of the most “international” city in Italy.